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“The Bicycle Man”
April 13, 1937-July 15, 2013

Moses Mathis was a native of Faison, NC. After spending time in Washington DC, he returned to North Carolina and resided in the Tiffany Pines community of Fayetteville. In 1990, this community became filled with drugs and other illegal activities. Understanding the need for something to be done, Moses, along with his wife Ann and the help of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pullen, they created the Tiffany Pines Community Watch to combat these conditions. He became more involved in his community and soon saw the need to do more. Thus, the Tiffany Pines Community Outreach organization was formed. His goal was to reach out to the youth of the community, and that was soon accomplished. He became a role model and father figure for many, spending personal time with them teaching self-esteem and community pride.

Even with his busy schedule, Moses was very active in his church, was a former host of two radio programs on WIDU radio, and held many offices within Cumberland County.

As his organization grew to include 6 surrounding counties, the name was changed to “Bicycle Man Community Outreach Projects” in 2011.
With all the awards, accolades and recognition he received, Moses was happiest when seeing the smiles on children’s faces. His motto was always, “It’s all about the kids”, a motto that stays strong within the organization today.

To make a positive impact on the community by leading through example and demonstrating the Christian principles of charity and thrift.

Future Initiatives

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Ann Mathis is a native of South Carolina. After graduating High School, she moved to Washington DC, where she met and married Moses in 1967. In 1978 they moved to Fayetteville, where she attended Fayetteville Technical Community College. After receiving her certification as a Dental Assistant, she began working for the Cumberland County Health Department, and later the VA Medical Center of Fayetteville until she July 1999.

Working with Moses in his programs, she is solely responsible for incorporating the “Building up Grades” educational program, and the “Give a Kid a Break” youth job service programs into the Tiffany Pines Community Outreach organization.

Ann Mathis now holds the position of CEO of the “Bicycle Man Community Outreach Projects” and has vowed the keep the legacy and dream of Moses Mathis alive. She is an active member of the Nexus Organization, a community service club that awards scholarships to deserving High School students. Ann is also very active in her church, where serves as President of the Celebration Choir, President of the Local Lay Council, member of Missionary Department, and President of the Fayetteville District Lay Council for 19 AME Zion churches.

To make a difference in the lives of persons, young and old, in our community by donating bicycles and computers, and to establish programs to enhance the lives of others

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