To support programs designed to combat childhood obesity by donating bicycles to those individuals identified as “at risk” and who may benefit from these donations Email:

Mission Statement

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Moses Mathis

Ann Mathis

Carla Fagan - Secretary
John Malzone
Mark Kendrick
Bernadette Bogertey
Bob Maier

Will Denning

Carlos Swan

To make a difference in the lives of persons, young and old, in our community by donating bicycles and computers, and to establish programs to enhance the lives of others

Future Initiatives

Vision Statement

To make a positive impact on the community by leading through example and demonstrating the Christian principles of charity and thrift.

From the Director

My uttermost thanks to everyone for the successfulness of the last five years, it has been an awesome experience for me, with the passing of Moses and taking on the full responsibility of this great Legacy.  I promised him to that I would carry on and with the help of so many people I feel I have been successful.

Many thanks to my Board Members, Staff, Supporters, Volunteers, Fraternities, Sororities, Girls and Boys Scout, Private Donors, Charitable Foundations, Sheriff Department, Churches, City Council, County Commissioners, Red Hatters, Caring Grannies, McDonald, Kingz and Queenz of the South, and Soldiers  United Motorcycle Clubs , Parks and Recreation,  Wal-mart, PWC, Mr. Erwin Farmer and Purolator, Mr. & Mrs. Jon Cumbo, Fayetteville Observer,  Gilbert Baez (WRAL TV),  Morgan Norwood (WTVD TV), Dave Ivey (Spectrum News) Wes and Sandy Cookman (WIDU ),many others along with my Friends and Family, everyone has been so wonderful. 

To the donors of the building I now occupy, thank you for without it I would not be able to do what I do. It is coming up on another year and I am proud to say I am still here through the struggles. I have met and made new friends, I don’t want to start naming names so that way I won’t forget anyone but I am sure they know who they are, but there are two special friends that have been there for many many years Mr. Dave Wilson and Mr. Gary Villiani I will always love you

With all of your help how could I not exceed my of goal of giving 1000 bicycles every year?


Ann Mathis, CEO
The Bicycle man Community Outreach Projects